NIFA Japanese Classes (JAIST class)
                Nomi International Friendship Association
                                      Japanese Class Staff

The Nomi International Friendship Association (NIFA) is 
offeringfree Japanese Language Lessons. Beginner and 
intermediate level classes are held once a week for 
students and employees of JAIST as well as their families.
Anyone interested in learning Japaneseare welcome to join. 
NIFA also welcomes anybody who is encountering problems 
in their daily life to walk in and talk with us. We would 
be happy to help! What are you waiting for? Come in and 
visit us once before you decide!

        Class Information

      Level: Beginner level and intermediate level
      Date & Time: Every Tuesday, 3:10pm~4:40pm
      Place:  Common room of dormitory in JAIST  
      Class:  Small group learning; Groups divided according 
               to one’s level
      Course Fee: Free!! (Cost for the textbooks not included)
      Application: Japanese Class Staff
                    Ms.Yuko Hosotsubo 
                    E-mail :

     Direct  OK! *Feel free to apply directly at the JAIST
     Common room  on the day of the lesson.

  対   象 :  初心者 ・ 初級 ・中級

  日   時 : 毎週火曜日 3:10pm~4:40pm

  場   所 : JAIST(北陸先端科学技術大学院大学)学生寄宿舎「集会室」

  テキスト:  みんなの日本語・中級テキスト他

  内    容 :     レベル分けして、小人数で学習します。

  受 講 料 :     無料 (テキスト代は、各自負担)

申込み・問合せ : 細坪 裕子  ≪ ≫


     ★	申込み、お問い合わせは、いつでも受け付けています。




・上生菓子作りに挑戦!            ・お茶席体験!


・勉強がんばろう、エイエイ オー!            ・先生方による春の歌!







       ・桃の節句のお話!              ・端午の節句のお話!

       ・節分のお話!           ・講師による日本の歌の紹介

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